Strike a Pose, Skip the Awkward: A Playful Guide to Picture-Perfect Wedding Photos without looking (and feeling) awkward

Wedding photos are a timeless treasure, but let’s be real—posing for them can feel a bit awkward. Fear not! As a Fun Cotswolds wedding photographer, I’m here to turn those awkward moments into picture-perfect memories. Something i hear a lot is ” We are super awkward in front of the camera’ so lets dive into some fun and foolproof poses that’ll have you looking effortlessly fabulous on your big day.

The Whispering Whispers

Avoid the stiffness by engaging in a playful whisper with your partner. Whether it’s sharing a secret joke or pretending to plan your next getaway, this pose captures a candid and intimate moment.

Fun wedding photographer

Dance Like No One’s Watching

 Forget the traditional stand-and-smile routine. Grab your partner and break into a spontaneous dance. Whether it’s a twirl, a dip, or a full-on waltz, dancing adds a touch of romance and dynamism to your photos.

Silly Faces, Serious Love

Embrace your inner goofball by making silly faces or exchanging playful gestures. It’s a lighthearted way to infuse humour into your photos while showcasing your genuine connection.

Fun wedding photographer

Walk and Talk

 Instead of static poses, take a stroll with your partner. Walk and talk, laugh together, and let the natural movement capture the essence of your relationship.

relaxed wedding photographer at milton end farm

Glamorous Giggles:

 Channel your inner Hollywood starlet by throwing your head back in laughter. I will photograph the genuine joy of the moment, and let those infectious giggles shine through.

The Lift

If your able, lifting your partner up either piggy back style, koala hugs or the classic baby carry adds a fun and playful moment into your photos

fun wedding photographer

Get the Kids involved

If you have children, get them involved in your photos, tickles, running and creating tunnels for them to run under all make you forget your having your pictures taken and you end up with completely natural fun images of your whole family.

Lastly have fun

Posing for wedding photos doesn’t have to be a stiff, awkward affair. With a bit of playfulness, genuine connection, and a touch of spontaneity, you can turn every click of the camera into a memory that reflects your fun wedding day. So, strike a pose, embrace the laughter, and let’s capture the magic together!

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