Thinking Outside the Aisle: 10 Alternative Wedding Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

Today, let’s dive into the world of weddings with a twist – because why stick to the traditional script when you can create a celebration as unique as your love story? As your wedding photographer, here are 10 alternative wedding ideas that might just spark the inspiration you didn’t know you needed.

1.Destination ‘I Do’s’ in Your Own Back garden

Who says you need a far-off locale for a destination wedding? Transform your own backyard into a magical escape. Think fairy lights, cozy nooks, and a touch of wanderlust right at home. Other alternative wedding venue ideas could include a village hall, renting a houseboat, getting married in a pub, having a wedding on a farm, or a favourite sporting venue or local brewery.

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2.Tech-Savvy Ties:

Embrace the digital age by live-streaming your ceremony for friends and family who can’t make it, Virtual attendance, interactive guestbooks, and hashtag moments – a tech-savvy wedding ensures no one misses out on the joy.

3.Sunrise Serenity

Why wait for the afternoon? Picture exchanging vows as the sun paints the sky with hues of pink and gold. A sunrise ceremony not only offers breathtaking visuals but sets the tone for a day filled with promise and warmth.

4. Costume Party Chic

Now i have to admit i have never shot a wedding where the couple have chosen this but OMG its on my bucket list so if you fancy ditching the classic black-tie affair and opting for a costume-themed celebration, pretty please with a cherry on top, get in touch! Whether it’s roaring ’20s glam or a whimsical fairy-tale, let your guests unleash their inner creativity and you will fulfil my wedding photographers dreams! Get ready for some seriously unforgettable shots!

5. DIY Décor Delight:

Channel your inner artist and craft a wedding wonderland with DIY decorations. From handmade centerpieces to personalized signage, infuse your personalities into every detail. It’s not just a wedding; it’s a masterpiece in the making.

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6. Get creative with your Wedding Breakfast

You don’t have to have a formal sit down meal, Elevate your reception with a culinary adventure. Food trucks serving gourmet delights, cream teas, pizza, graze tables. For desert you could have bake off, where you invite guests to bring a homemade delight and have a whole desert table full of delicious choices made with love from all your favourite people. Or have a fire pit where guests can make their own smores! Yum!

grazing table wedding breakfast

7. Consider an alternative first dance

Invite everyone to join you from the off. Move it outdoors, have a ceilidh, have a moshpit or surprise everyone with a choreographed dance that include your wedding party. Anything that adds a playful touch will add a bit of fun to the normal standing on each others feet two step sway!

8. Games Galore

Break the ice and keep the celebration buzzing with interactive games. Giant Jenga, wheelbarrow racing, egg and spoon race, tug of war, beer pong, space hopper race, giant connect four, table football, or even a life-sized chessboard – a playful atmosphere ensures everyone has a blast, and your wedding photographer can capture those laughter-filled game moments!

9. Hire some performers

Hire some performers to entertain you and your guests, these alternative wedding ideas could include magicians, circus acrobats, singing waiters, morris dancers, stilt walkers, caricature artists ( this can also double up as wedding favours ) or painters. My favourite entertainment idea from all my 2023 weddings was having the lovely Make you Mark events come along to the reception where each guest painted a section of a canvas which was then made into a beautiful piece of wall art for the Wedding couple to display in their home. How cute is that!

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10. Having A Surprise Wedding

Can you imagine your friends faces when they realise the engagement party they’ve turned up to, is actually your wedding. Wow! It would definitely be memorable!

Im not going to lie, this could be a tiny bit controversial! Some guests may not be too keen on being kept in the dark.We can normally have a good guess at who these people would be in our friendship group, or family. So, either live with their disappointment, or create a little surprise wedding planning gang, and let them help you create the big day.

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