The Barn at Upcote Wedding Photographer

Cotswold Wedding Photographer

Sometimes i have to pinch myself that i’m lucky enough to be a Cotswold Wedding Photographer. We have so many amazing venues, and The Barn at Upcote does not disappoint. I love how everything is all in a courtyard, so there is no chance of your guests dispersing all over the place throughout the day. It really keeps everyone together which is great to photograph, and why being The Barn at Upcote Wedding photographer is such an awesome job!

Cotswold Barn Wedding

I arrived at the venue in plenty of time before the Bride made her entrance. The celebrant’s were close friends of the couples which set the day up for a super fun, relaxed wedding. There are gorgeous gardens backing onto the old farm house, allowing couples a bit of privacy for some piccies. Although i’m more of a candid wedding photographer, it was a great place to get them on their own for 10 minutes so they could have a breather, and i could get some bangin snaps for them to hang on their wall.

This wedding wins the award for having the best speeches of 2022. Most of the guests placed bets how long the speeches would take.( they were quite long…but ohhh so funny) The groom managed to take the mic out of most of his guests (especially his children!) there was an awful lot of heckling, and so much laughter. Honestly if there is one tip i can give to couples it is to stay away from google for the speeches. Write your own and your onto a winner.

As the evening began the guests started to down Tequila shots, shortly followed by knee slides across the dance floor, there was a bloody nose and a hell of a lot of dancing. All in all this wedding was 100% my type of wedding to photograph!

The Dream Team

Venue – The Barn at Upcote

Wedding Dress – The Dressing Room

Hair & Make up – Tease Hair & Beauty By Heidi

Flowers – Make Their Day Florist

Cake – Bafford Cakes

Catering – Orchard Catering

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