Picture-Perfect Regrets: Things You’ll Wish You Did on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of love, laughter, and joy. While it’s impossible to control every detail, there are certain moments you’ll wish you embraced. As your wedding photographer, I’ve seen the magic unfold and, unfortunately, a few regrets that could have been avoided. Here are my top ten things you might regret not doing on your wedding day – because who wants to look back and wish they danced in flat shoes?

Quality Time with VIPs

Regret often sneaks in when you realise you didn’t spend enough time with the people who matter most. Make a conscious effort to share moments with family and friends – after all, they’re there to celebrate with you!

bride having fun with her guests at sudeley castle

Letting Go of the Small Stuff

Tiny details can become major stressors. Regret-proof your day by embracing imperfections and focusing on the bigger picture. Chances are, those minor hiccups won’t matter when you’re in the midst of your joyous celebration

Ditching the heels

High heels might add glamour, but dancing in flat shoes adds comfort and freedom. Regret-proof your dance floor experience by slipping into stylish flats – your feet will thank you, and you won’t miss a beat!

Alternative wedding shoes.

Chasing the Sunset

Sunset photos are pure magic. Regret might set in if you miss the opportunity for dreamy, golden-hour shots. Schedule a moment to sneak away with your photographer and capture the romance as the sun sets on your special day.

deer park wedding photographer

Saving on Unnoticed Details

No one notices if your invites matched your table plan, or if the groomsmen are wearing the same shoes. Save money where you can and invest more in the important stuff!

Researching Your DJ

A DJ can make or break the party. Regret-proof your reception by thoroughly researching and vetting your DJ. There is nothing worse than an empty dancefloor

wedding dance floor. Milton end barns wedding photographer

Get Extra Confetti

There is no such thing as too much confetti. I recommend getting colourful biodegradable paper confetti that floats down slowly, and doesn’t annoy you if it gets stuck down your bra!

confetti. nottingham wedding photographer

Having an unplugged ceremony

Ask your guests not to take photos during the ceremony. You want your guests to be completely present at your wedding, and to see their faces when you look back at them —  and you don’t want your professional wedding photos to be a sea of phones when your looking at your images!

Do the things you spent weeks planning and making!

Play the games, get in the photobooth, have fun with your pals. Some of my favourite wedding photos are these ones.

the frogmill wedding photographer

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