Crafting Your Perfect Day: An Ideal Wedding Day Timeline for a Relaxed Celebration

Hey there, Soon-to-be-wed couples! Today, let’s talk about something near and dear to my heart – creating the ideal wedding day timeline for a celebration that’s as stress-free as a Sunday morning.

Rise & Shine

Start the day with a leisurely breakfast, perhaps some mimosas or a good old cup of coffee. Let the excitement build gradually.

Getting Ready ( 2 – 3 Hours)

No rush, no fuss. Allow ample time for the glam squad to work their magic. this is normally when your photographer arrives and will seize the opportunity to snap some behind-the-scenes shots of all the fun of the morning festivities.

Gloucestershire wedding photographer. Candid moment of bride getting ready

The First Look – Private Moments ( 20 minutes)

This could be with each other or with your wedding party/parents or whoever you like!  It not only makes for stunning photographs but also eases pre-ceremony jitters. Think genuine emotions, folks!

First look with bride at Tewkesbury Park Hotel

Ceremony of Love ( 45 minutes – 1 hour)

Keep it short, sweet, and oh-so-memorable. A relaxed ceremony allows everyone to soak in the love without feeling rushed. I love to capture the heartwarming exchanges and happy tears of both the couple and your guests!

Stanbrook Abbey Hotel wedding photographer

Drinks Reception / Group & Portraits – Cheers to Love

I like to keep things relaxed when it comes to group photos and couple’s portraits. I don’t want to drag you away from your drinks reception as that is when all the hugs happen – and who doesn’t love hugs! I try to wait for when the time is right – like when you need a breather and want to be away from everything for a little while or when the lighting looks amazing.

For your group photos, I am mindful of the time and don’t like to leave them for too late in the day – while midday sun is harsh and lighting isn’t ideal early on, I don’t want people wandering away and having too much prossecco, so we do group photos before that happens!

If you want a big group shot i normally suggest doing it or straight after confetti when everyone is there, if the photo gods are in our favour and everyone is in position and the light is good in that moment it means getting it over and done with straight off the bat so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. But if people do disperse or the situation isn’t quite right then we’ll do it before dinner. What i dont want to do is try organising everyone smack bang in the middle of your drinks reception– it breaks up the vibe, the chats and pees everyone off, and we don’t want to make the photos jarring!

sherwood glade wedding photographer

Wedding Reception (3+hours)

Speeches often take longer than expected so allow time for this. I love that so many couples are choosing to do speeches before their meal now. Quite often speakers are so nervous they often cant manage a meal first, so this gives them the chance to get it out the way then they can relax and eat all that expensive food you have paid for!

The first dance, if it’s still light outside – usually in the height of summer my favourite thing is for couples to head outside for their 1st dance! The lighting will usually be much better , and if you plan it just before sunset the light is incredible!

Other things that might be included in your ideal wedding day timeline during the reception are bouquet tosses, cake cutting, games and the time that the dance floor opens up to start partying the night away.

With every part of your wedding timeline, but especially the reception when there are so many things going on, make sure to add extra time to everything! Over planning and over scheduling will just lead to stress, both before and on the day, so keep your timing relaxed, allowing for a bit of movement to ensure that you’re able to enjoy it all instead of feeling like you need to rush and run from place to place.

Sunset Magic – Golden Hour Portraits ( 10 – 15 minutes)

As the sun sets, I love to steal you away for some magical golden hour portraits. The soft, warm light creates a dreamy backdrop. It’s not just a photo session; it’s a chance for you to bask in your joy that you have just got married!

Cotswolds wedding photographer. Sunset photo of bride and groom

Dance the night away

You have made it through the day, now its time to let loose on the dance floor! A playlist filled with you and your guests favourite tunes ensures a night of fun. I embrace the energy the dance floor brings and love to capture the laughter, twirls, dance offs and dirty dancing lifts that all the wedding dance floors bring.

Milton end barn wedding photographer. Bride dancing

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