2022 Documentary Wedding Photography Round Up

What a year! As a Documentary Wedding Photographer, its the huge variety of people from all walks of life that make being a Documentary wedding photographer the best job in the world! I love meeting new faces and personalities and love capturing them in a fun and candid way.

2022 saw many Covid postponements finally come to have their day! It was so amazing to see couples and family’s coming together. I’m not entirely sure if its just the couples I attract or the lack of people being able to go ‘out out’ for a few years, but boy did my 2022 weddings know how to kill it on the dance floor!!!

“What can I say about Phillippa, she is simply everything you could every want in a wedding photographer – she captured our two weddings perfectly (split over a year thanks to Covid), blended into the background like a photography ninja and looked out and helped in all sorts of ways to help everything run smoothly (including offering to help wash my naughty dog who’d managed to find a mud puddle!), and is a lovely person on top. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who will capture the authenticy of your day and will feel like a real and lovely part of your wedding team, then you’ve found the right person!”

Unexpected things I’ve seen at Weddings this year

A Toddler licking cake off the dance floor

A Best man getting his Willy out for the photos

Dogs jumping into a very green looking pond then shaking all over the bride to dry off

The Groom being a super star DJ for the ‘ after Party’

A bride cutting the cake ninja style

2 x children falling asleep in their dinners

A lost wedding ring….only found in the last possible innings

Mother of the bride downing whisky shots at 10am

A groom replicating a cow, with washing up gloves for udders during the speeches

The Best Bits..

These unexpected moments are a candid wedding photographers dream. Below is a slideshow of some of my favourite 2022 documentary wedding photos. These are purely selected on ‘do they make me smile’ when i’m looking at them. If the answer was yes they more than likely made the cut. For me wedding photography isn’t an opportunity for a really long photoshoot. Its time for you to have a laugh with your loved ones, whilst letting me capture everything that unfolds throughout the day.

This year i have been blessed to photograph at some stunning venues, including Sudeley Castle, Milton End Barns, Sherwood Glade, Kelburn Castle, The Barn at Upcote, The Saxon Barn, Ingleside House, The Slaughters Manor, No 131. However some of my favourite weddings of all, have been the ones where you have really made them your own. Weddings at home. In a field on a farm, or at your local pub or village hall. Proving you don’t always have to have a big fancy do. Weddings are all about the people, and awesome photos are created with awesome people!

If you have watched this video and thought ‘yes’ this is how we would love our wedding to be photographed, lets chat and hopefully i will be free to capture your awesome Cotswold, Gloucestershire or UK Wedding 🤞🏻